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This one-man ‘evening with’ play began just prior to the pandemic, under the working title Verbal Voyeur. It traveled to New York, Indianapolis, San Francisco (to good notices) and was enroute to the UK and Australia when CoVid realities put the kibosh on travel. David used that two-year period to rewrite the material and changed the name of the production to ‘What Could Go Wrong?’. He also redesigned the website, planted the seeds for his own YouTube television channel, and recreated the production company into a non-profit, 501-C organization. 


Vass fervently believes that given the content of this adults only play, audience members should feel free to ‘walk out’. No offense taken. Audiences are reminded that our collective freedom of speech is under attack during these ‘woke’ times. The first half of his life can be brutal and repugnant at times, as life can be. Assuming the success of this ‘part one’, a ‘part two’ covering the remaining years of his life will be forthcoming in 2023. As David’s tagline states: “you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll demand a refund”.


He makes a point of greeting audience members after the performance (in the lobby if there is one or under the eaves of the barn) and values all feedback; the good, the bad, the ugly. He requests only that you do not slap him, as he makes his living with his face, and occasionally with his body still although that opportunity is shrinking fast! Contact information for reaching David Vass direct is elsewhere on the website and he reads them all.

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