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Pay-Per-View Film

Please buy my Pay-Per-View film. Simply put, I cannot afford to continue to ‘self-produce’ my production ‘live’, which requires a great deal of money going out, while little to none coming in, hence this conversation to this format. It is my hope you will support my efforts to fight the not so subtle movement of a repression of our freedom of speech and far too many ‘woke’ moments, by clicking on the link in this website and watching my show.


As a 72 year-old gay elder, I watched the budding of the gay liberation movement from seedlings. It is now trees and still growing. The history needs to be told by us storytellers still alive, so it can be kept alive in the first-person for generations to follow. Please be clear, this is not a ‘gay play’. It is a series of life experiences as told by me and through my eyes and reactions to the changes I have lived through. 


As I happen to be gay, and using this forum to tell the absolute truth as I know it, it IS from a gay perspective – how could it be honest and not be so? I am hopeful the stories are relatable to everyone: we are all of us humans first, and then whatever members of a particular ‘tribe’ we may resonate to after that. 


As of this writing, there are 12 pronouns in play to describe our collective non-binary, gender fluid communications. This is a positive move forward for many and a confusing one for some. An important part of this production is to explain, through humor, some sadness and actual jaw-dropping experiences this evolution of words, and thoughts, and actions. Click in, see through my eyes for 80 minutes, and draw your own conclusions. 


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Thank you,

David Vass, Diarist, Monologist, Writer and Performer.


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