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David comes from a long line his mother once foolishly listened to.


He worked until early 2021 as the SVP of a luxury destination travel company, considered to be the highest rated in the world, where he traveled the globe for 20 years putting together safaris, experiential and authentic cultural experiences and sought to enlighten global citizens that our similarities far outweighed our differences. Vass visited 141 countries and flew seven million real air miles during that time. He has said adieu to the travel industry to concentrate on his writing and storytelling abilities, he is still jet-lagged.

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This web of stories is culled from real life – a very unusual life- and the diaries he kept for 40+ years and paint a picture of worldly places and events. In the tradition of cringe memoirists like David Sedaris, Augusten Burroughs and Quentin Crisp, Vass delivers a series of scenes that can shock, may embarrass, but hopefully will always entertain. The language is as it was in the mid to late 20th century, when growing up ‘white trash poor’ reflected some very harsh verbiage. Those of you who have seen John Waters movies know this verbal cultural reflection, and especially so given Waters and Vass grew up in the same city, Baltimore. Indeed the material is ‘blue and vulgar’.


During the show business incarnation of his career, Vass worked with, for and around 12 Academy Award, 17 Emmy, 9 Tony, 44 Grammy and 11 Obie winners, as well as the ‘usual suspects’ in the nightclub and cabaret arena. The stories! They’re told! The lawyer fees to ensure they CAN be told!

December 2022

With fingers crossed and some help from colleagues within the publishing industry, I am working on a book version of ‘What Could Go Wrong?’ Containing my musings and episodes not in the play or movie; the book will also have a new title – scheduled for publication Fall 2023.  This new development will create a trifecta of Live Show, PPV Movie and Book. Stay tuned…


2023 Performances Update:  Contracts not signed yet (close) but looking good for Las Vegas, Chicago, Edinburgh and Hollywood Fringe engagements in 2023 and more than a 50% possibility of an Off-Broadway run, 12 performances, NYC in September. Fingers crossed!

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