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I wanted to come clean about my life.

When I went to rehab and detox in early 2019 I heard the most honest stories from other addicts and abusers – everything from running over their children in an altered state ("HONEST honey I can drive them to school, I haven’t had anything to DRUNK this morning") to hiding bottles under yard plants so spouses would think their beloveds were gardening instead of throwing a few back in the tomato patch!


How honest, really honest, could I be about every aspect of my life? That is the real meat of this story. I often feel my entire life has been a lie. With certainty, in my younger years I was a pathological liar – one of many addictions and I came out the other side, now often being called ‘too brutally honest’. Some of my other addictions over the years: pot, oxy, quaaludes, cocaine, cigarettes, alcohol, sex, downs of every color, opium, black beauties, cough syrup, Get it?


There ALWAYS seemed to be something I liked being addicted to – addictions were my friends. The point of this show is to see if I can become addicted to the TRUTH!


At dinner parties and soirees I am told my stories are interesting, albeit completely inappropriate. Some call me a raconteur and others an asshole, a stooge.


Can sharing the most honest personal truths be therapeutic to both the giver AND the receiver? 


I used to think it was only possible to have the courage to be 100% honest after a pill or a drink (or both). I am coming to realize I must share my stories in as little an altered state as is possible. To be comfortable now owning everything I have said and done – painting the anecdotes, relating the happenings, sharing exhilarations and despairs. And from a curiously new place, to me, that is not an ALTERED state.


WILL you laugh? WILL you cry? WILL you demand a refund? We’ll soon find out – after all, What Could Go Wrong? 

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